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Welcome to the West London Conservatives website, where you can find out about all the latest news and events in the Conservative Party. Some of the most influential members of the Conservative Party live and work in the west of London. Boris Johnson is just one of a number of major figures in the Party. He unleashed a tirade this week against BAA, the chief operator of Heathrow Airport, over the chaos that reigned last winter during the record snowfall. Boris was speaking at west London’s Westfield Centre, relating how he had been held to account over the reasons for it taking several days after the last snows fell to get aeroplanes into the air again.

Boris maintained that there would be a "Mega-Investigation" into the reasons for this seeming lack of preparation. From de-icing, scheduling, overflow regulation and runway management, the problems with management were extensive, and this only served to infect secondary and tertiary services such as the rail and bus systems, which consequently experienced major setbacks and delays too.

We also have social plans with our annual Drinks meetings at Alibi on Tuesday 9th, and various meals and other Events planned throughout the coming terms.

High among the list of complaints, were claims that Heathrow staff were unwilling to accommodate or assist the 100,000 travellers who were stuck, and who found themselves with nowhere to go but the uncomfortable plastic seating found throughout Heathrow’s terminals. There was some praise, however, for Transport of London, another part of Boris’s remit, which managed to use its allotment of road grit efficiently, with boroughs remaining covered in case of further snowfall. If you are would like to hear more about West London Conservatives, feel free to contact us.

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